The Podcrastinators
The Podcrastinators
Steven Lyons: Normally a Nice Guy

Steven Lyons: Normally a Nice Guy

The Podcrastinators Season Two Episode Four

Well a bumper episode of infectious enthusiasm and fun with Auckland comedy mainstay and Chicago improv veteran Steven Lyons.

If you want more of him (and who wouldn’t?) make sure you check out The Dice Show season 2 at Cassette 9 here in Auckland starting up on Friday 23 April.

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The Dice Show is presented by this awesome comedy social enterprise - Paper Goat find out more here.

Follow Steven here.

As always your hosts for this episode are:

Mat Danaher

Darran Lees

The Podcrastinators
The Podcrastinators
The Podcrastinators brings you a mixiure of comedy, social and political commentary from NZ and around the globe. The podcast is hosted by Auckland based stand up comedians and comedy writing duo, Darran Lees and Mathew Danaher.