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The Podcrastinators
Amy Bird: Back in Rehab

Amy Bird: Back in Rehab

Tonight (and I do mean tonight, this is very fresh) we talked with brilliant improv veteran and slightly newish stand up Amy Bird about the differences between the two disciplines, her interest in fraud, our ADHD, all of the shows she’s got coming up and some really serious issues around the safety of the NZ Comedy scene for women, and why men should just shut up sometimes… It may seem hypocritical for two blokes with a podcast, but Mat and Darran agree. Shut up fellas.

Stuff article on sexual harassment in the comedy scene.

NZ Comedy Guild Sexual Harassment and Prevention Working Group Report

What Amy’s up to:

Love Lamp March 30th

Love Lamp at the Comedy Festival

Auckland Improv Festival

Social Improve Night - audience as performer!

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