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A Ruky's Life

A Ruky's Life

We can't remember what episode number it is any more...

Like Naan bread with sweet sparkly sprinkles or the spawn of Jenny from the block and Pusheen the cat, she is a distinctive individual. Bengali by heritage, cultivated in New York City and New Zealand's latest and greatest import. She is a rainbow black sheep, avid traveler, serial tinder dater by night, assistant director by day, and of course moonlighting writer and stand-up comedian. You can clock her from a mile away with her glowing aurora hair, red shiny lips, glittery twinkled eyes, most likely double parked, and chatting away about her hilariously awful dating life.

Yes we spent a very fun hour and a half talking with Ruky about safety in comedy, her comedy inspirations (dating features heavily) and some light murder and consensual cannibalism. So slight content warning!

You can find Ruky on Instagram and IMDB

Hosted by Mat and Darran.

Music by Kid Hideous.

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There are the drinks we reviewed:

Carbomb, Slane Whiskey, Jack Daniels, Haka Vodka, and some random Pinot Noir.

And we talked a lot about the Bramble, Auckland’s best cocktail bar.

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The Podcrastinators
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